Dance in the USA is a home for all who wish to find movement in their lives through 5Rhythms moving meditation. We come from Washington, DC; Maryland; and Northern Virginia. We organize regular twice-monthly dances in Bethesda, MD, as well as special workshop events.

We are dedicated to encouraging and supporting the growth of the practice and so we carry details of all other 5Rhythms events in the area -including DC, Baltimore, Annapolis &c- as well as links to 5Rhythms throughout the Mid-Atlantic States.

Free your body. Express your heart. Clear your mind, and DANCE ON!

***Workshops***  takes you straight to the booking page for our major events. You can also pay at the door, but why miss pre-pay discounts? -And you wouldn’t want something to be cancelled because we didn’t know you were coming. would you? Regular classes are all drop-in.

Everything on this site is one click away in the Header Menu:

WELCOME!:-  What we are about, & Who we are


5RHYTHMS:-  What the 5Rhythms dance is, & How to start.

DANCE HERE:-  Details of our Bethesda Classes & Workshops
+ other 5Rhythms in Washington DC, Baltimore & Mid-Atlantic States.

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS:- Details & PAYPAL payment button for our workshops & special events.

GETTING HERE:- Driving Directions & Ride-Share details.

CONTACT / NEWSLETTER:- Contact details & Newsletter sign-up.

Click the links above for detailed information on our regular events.

Our dances take place at the Carderock Swim and Tennis Club facility in Bethesda, MD, just five minutes from Beltway (I-495) exit 39- River Road.  Free parking to boot!

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Len Mell says:

    I went to a number of 5 rhythm events in NYC and now live in the DC Metro area and would like to find 5 rhythm events here. Thank you. Len

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